finally ready to really make the changes you need?

re-shaping (you)r life begins now.

"Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life" - robin sharma

My mission

Is simple.  I have dedicated my career to inspire ambitious young professionals to re-shape their life so that they on-track and focused in a way they were never taught before. This way of thinking will help them be inspired, stay on track, be centered, achieve, and live a life they enjoy - basically creating happier people who will change the world.

I believe in you

"You are the future of tomorrow"  - this is one of the scariest statement made to young generations because it's true.   We alter the future through every decision we make. Knowing your potential, it's my goal to make sure you continue to be inspired, dream, achieve, believe, and never be held back by anything - especially by your limiting beliefs and emotions.

you know it in your heart

You feel it.  Something inside you is telling you that you were meant for more, and you need some help becoming that fabulous rockstar you were meant to be.


That's where I can help

let's WORK TOGETHER IN RE-shaping (YOU)R LIFE.  

4 MONTHS ONE-ON-ONE coaching

i walk you through: 

  • doing a life inventory to evaluate where you are right now

  • forming a success mindset

  • upgrading YOUR ENVIRONMENT to living a 1st class life

  • teaching simple meditation and visualization practices to help you stay centered & handle life better

  • CREAting A DAILY/WEEKLY ROUTINE you look forward to


  • MAPping OUT A personalized 1 YEAR ACTION PLAN to achieve your immediate goals


Which is why I know that right now, you're dreaming of the day you have your life success story.  The life where you feel empowered and full of adventure and purpose.  The life where you have an amazing career, home, family, and social life. But how do you get there?  It feels like you're barley scratching the surface of your success. You question yourself, your abilities, your dreams because of this rut the you're in.

You've been in this state for too long and you know you need help. Nothing seems to be working. You've been searching for that one solution/tip/trick/app/planner/book that would snap you back into your ambitious self.

The solution you really need? A life overhaul - and that starts by giving yourself permission to focus on yourself.

Focusing on yourself improves your productivity, relationships, emotions, reactions, mindset, how you handle life, and your overall success.

How do I know this?

BECAUSE I’VE EXPERIENCED THE transformative result OF deciding to focus on myself:


  • Unhappy in all of my relationships
  • Hating my living situation
  • Hating being in school, stressed to finish two masters degrees as soon as possible.
  • Being in a unfulfilling job I dreaded every single day.
  • Questioning myself and if my success will ever come.
  • Feeling held back by school and work.
  • Highly unmotivated and master procrastinator.
  • Gave up on doing things I used to enjoy doing.
  • Hating myself because I couldn't snap out of my bad habits.


  • Donating more than half of my clothes + have a new wardrobe I enjoy - I never wonder what to wear in the morning.
  • Revamping my entire living space to one that inspires creativity and productivity.
  • Deciding to break up a 10 year relationship - I choose my own happiness.
  • Deciding to only focus on one masters degree and plan stress free semesters.
  • Deciding to drop a business idea I've worked on for an entire year and start a new one.
  • Bringing back the fun in my life - doing things I love doing.
  • Making sure that everything I'm doing in my life is aligned with what I truly wanted. 
  • Being featured on The Huffington Post and Business Insider.
  • Implementing a meditation practice that provides me answers to my questions and keeps me sane.
  • Developing spiritual beliefs I never had and actually trusting it.
  • Completely changing the way I think about everything that allows me to be worry & stress free.
  • Massively boosting my confidence and drive to power through life
  • .....and I'm still making massive changes to this day.

Having a history of overachieving perfectionism - these were HARD changes to make.

Many tears, questions, ah-ha moments, and and a whole lot of will power.

but i didn't accomplish these things alone.

Trying to "find happiness" on my own wasn't getting me anywhere.  

No matter how many books and articles I read, NOTHING was motivating me to make changes.  I remained stuck and to be honest, I didn't care enough to make changes even though "I wanted to".

Then I found myself gaining weight, being angry, removing myself from my family and friends, eating horribly (acne galore), constant headaches, taking very long "naps" to escape life, leaving my room looking like a tornado hit it for WEEKS, etc.

I became disgusted with myself.

So I decided to invest in myself and hire help...a lot of it.

Having people to help me with my business, challenge my mindset, discuss my thoughts, giving me practical advice, and hold me accountable to actually do them was the best decision I ever made in my life.....but it took a lot of time and not everything they said worked for me.  I still had to figure out what worked for me on my own.

i won't let that happen to you.

my goal is to be with you every step of the way

to find what truly drives your motivation for change.

my coaching is different.

I don't believe in cookie cutter solutions.

I don't believe one system or "trick".

I don't believe you will change without the proper help and support.

i don't believe that you'll make changes by me telling you what to do.

I believe in getting to know the real you, challenging it, and shifting your perspective.

I believe in focusing on the real issues you face.

I believe in setting you up with a personalized success system that works for you so that you can finally depend on yourself.

I believe in supporting you every way possible.


you know you're ready for change if...

You're annoyed with...

  • The way you look and feel every day.

  • Certain aspects and people in your life.

  • Trying to find solutions for "productivity" and "happiness" and nothing is working.

  • Trying to find your "purpose" and what to do next.

  • Feeling directionless and unmotivated.

  • The uncertainty of your future and if you'll ever "make it".

  • Your friend's and family's generic life advice and them telling you "you'll figure it out, it'll all be okay".

  • Yourself for never really using those resources in college like career services or counseling.

  • The fact that you're not doing enough and it feels like you're slowly giving up.

  • Feeling like you failed yourself.

You dream about...

  • When you're making the big bucks at work.

  • When you fall in love with your career.

  • When you will have the amazing spouse, house, and family.

  • When you'll be able to freely travel and experience the world.

  • When you'll be happy in your own skin.

  • When you are wearing fashionable clothes you love.

  • When you have the social skills to be "likable" for everyone.

  • If you should go back to school or find a new job.

  • If you have the skills to be an entrepreneur.

  • If you'll become well-known and respected in your industry. 

  • If you'll ever have a "cool" life that people wish they had.

...focusing on bettering yourself will make your DAY dreams into reality!







wait a sec...are you really ready?

let's do a mini self-check:

Who would thrive in this program...

  • You know you were meant for something bigger than where you are right now.

  • You're driven, outgoing, and enthusiastic about your continuous personal growth and self-development.

  • You take 100% responsibility for your life and the situation your in - aka you don't blame others or outside factors.

  • Something is holding you back from breaking through "your potential" and you need that extra push to smash through it.

  • You know there's so much you can do to improve your life but it's overwhelming and you want something simple that works for you.

  • You're 1000% committed to creating and living the dream life you've always wanted and nothing is going to stop you.

  • You're open to learning and trying new ideas, and you would love for someone to help you create your road map to success.

  • You want your life to feel fun, stress-free, full of purpose, and a healthy challenge.

  • You believe in getting support from someone who has already learned how to live a happier, organized, centered, and ambitious life to bypass the frustration in trying to figure it out on your own.

  • You're ready to put in the work and effort necessary to make massive changes in your life for the better.

  • You're ready and committed to take the time to focus on yourself.

  • You're ready and eager to invest in yourself to see your life go from dull to fabulous and turn your day dreams into reality.

who wouldn't see any results...

  • You think it would be easier to just continue living the same stagnant life. 

  • You're complacent with your life and don't care to change or live your dream life.

  • You're afraid of a challenge and stretching your limits.

  • You're stuck in your beliefs and will never care to change it or see another perspective.

  • You're not willing to put in the work to squash your limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • You rather continue to struggle, figure things out on your own, and don't believe that someone else can help you.

  • You're scared of change and putting in work to pave the way to your success.

  • You're a negative person that tends to be cynical about yourself, life and other people.

  • You blame everything and everyone else for your situation and never take personal responsibility.

  • You aren't dedicated to having fun, laughing, and living an awesome life.

  • You only want a quick fix solution that requires little work and effort on your part.

  • You rather do other non-productive things than focus on bettering yourself.

  • You rather continue to dream about your dream life than actually work towards it.

  • You're not willing to invest in yourself to really and truly grow yourself and make a lasting positive change in your life.





and become the fabulous rockstar

you were meant to be?


Your fabulous Transformative  


in 4 months YOU will: 

  • Get crystal clear on where you are in life by DOING A LIFE INVENTORY.

  • form a lasting success mindset.

  • UPGRADe YOUR ENVIRONMENT - live a 1st class life!


  • CREATe A DAILY/WEEKLY ROUTINE you actually look forward to.



  • feel like your success is guaranteed and never GET TRAPPED into a negative black hole again!



Step One: Book your Breakthrough session

Click the "Schedule my Breakthrough Session" button, fill out the questionnaire, and pick the best day/time for us to chat. Make time for at least 45 minutes of me & you time.  I get to know you, your struggles, your goals, identify your needs, and we determine together if we're a match made in heaven. If so, we then discuss next steps in starting your 4 month life re-shaping journey. 

program breakdown

LIFE INVENTORY AND customized plan

I have you get clear on exactly where you are NOW and exactly where you want to go so that we can co-create the most effective customized coaching experience possible.

4 MONTHS 1X1 WITH Kristie

4 months of coaching, support and accountability based on the plan we agreed on. Sessions are held bi-weekly (9 sessions total) via phone and are 50 minutes in length.  Biweekly allows time for your to reflect and implement what we discuss.

Unlimited email support

You have unlimited email access to me between coaching calls during business hours Monday - Friday.  I want to make sure I am able to support you as much as possible.  I typically respond within 24 - 48 hours. 

weekly follow up & ACTION PLANs

You'll receive call notes and recordings from all sessions, including outlines, individualized action plans and specialized resources -- all typed-up and clearly organized so you can stay on track and get the most out of your 1x1 coaching experience. Action plans are meant to be worked on in between coaching calls.

exclusive bonuses! (Limited time only)

 ♥ BONUS! 2 hour Kick-off Call to really dig deep and get a head start ($400 Value.)

BONUS! 15 Minute follow up call 1 month after the program ($100 Value.)

 ♥ BONUS! Special gift immediately mailed to you ($60 Value.)


can't wait to start?!

Me neither!



Click the "Schedule Your Breakthrough Session" button below, fill out the questionnaire, and pick the best day/time for us to chat.  Make time for at least 45 minutes of me & you time.  Remember - I want to get to know you and make sure we're meant to be ♥


We talk about your dreams and ambitions and what internal struggles you are facing that's holding you back.  I then make sure that I'm the right person to help you, and discuss ways we can make massive changes in your life and build your road map to success.

the match made in heaven 

We both jump in excitement that we're going to be working together for 4 amazing months.  By signing a contract and paying, you'll be ready and committed to having a life changing 4 month journey. I'll send you a Welcome Packet and your Life Inventory that will help you, and I get to know each other on an even deeper level. This alone will bring huge insights to your life.

2 hour kick-off call 

We will book your bonus 2 hour kick-off call where we get deep in discussing your life inventory, identify the areas you really need help in, bust through some limiting beliefs, form a success mindset, and start creating a plan to get you where you need to be.

re-shaping (you)r life 

During our time together I give you 110% of my positivity, energy, and support in helping Re-shape (You)r Life into the one of your dreams!

How awesome does that sound?!

I'm ready when you are.