The Rockstar Manifesto


Welcome future Rockstar!  So you want to be a very happy, successful, have-it-all-together gal, right?  Well you won’t get there by focusing on your “goals”.  You must work on you before you can be successful in anything else.  

How do you do that?  

Below is my life manifesto.  It’s important for you to know what I believe in and represent.  This is the heart of everything I preach, some concepts are everlasting, some evolving, some yet to be added.  

The important thing is that we are on this “Become a Rockstar” journey together.  However, if you plan on riding along with me in this journey, you must agree to sing along to my favorite songs (aka rules) - click each link for the lyrics:


  1. Take the road less traveled - most of the time.

  2. Challenge your perspective for enlightenment.

  3. Challenge your beliefs, behaviors, and “reality”.

  4. React to life differently - the “who cares” mindset.

  5. Stop being irrational, insecure, and a victim - you are responsible for everything in your life.

  6. Let go of your “shoulds”.

  7. Choose yourself FIRST.

  8. Focus on what’s absolutely important to you.

  9. Self-development is a fun hobby.

  10. Declutter everything in your life constantly.

  11. Change all of the things your hate in your life (and believe it’s possible).

  12. Don’t ever deprive yourself - be GUILT FREE.


  14. Always go try the things you’ve always wanted to.

  15. Love and believe in yourself - be your own significant other.

  16. Physical appearances ALWAYS matter.

  17. Let your badass alter ego come out and play every day.

  18. Believe in and be okay with BABY STEPS.

  19. Trust in the Universe.

  20. Accept that happiness isn’t 24/7.

  21. Be ok if you hit a rock ...or rock bottom.

  22. Don’t accept bullshit.

  23. Be a master bridge builder.

  24. Accept life as a fun journey - don’t over plan and focus on your dreams/goals LAST.

  25. Don’t wait to live your dream life - start NOW.

  26. Visualize every day and meditate when needed.

  27. Mantras, manifest, and positive affirmation it up!

  28. Be open-minded and a master life experimenter.

  29. Ritualize and organize your days

  30. Be grateful.