Hey there,

I'm kristie ali.

Your official guide to helping you re-Shape (you)r Life.

What does that mean exactly?  

I'm dedicated to showing (secretly stressed out) ambitious young professional women like yourself that having an exciting, centered, stress-free, driven, purpose filled life is 100% possible, and it's something you can have TODAY. 

To do this, I will help re-shape your view on yourself, your life, and the world around you so that you can finally take the actions you need to start living a life you actually enjoy instead of pretending that you do.

Think of me as your No-BS mentor. 

That's been there, done that (aka - I hit my rock bottom before) and ready to spill the secrets on how to live a life you actually enjoy while still kicking butt in the ambition department.  I hated feeling stuck and behind in life, and seeing other amazing women experience the same thing.

Basically, i'm dedicated to helping you get your Sh*t together and make your "impossible", possible. cool? 

but first, Let's get real.

When you realize college didn't prepare you for anything in life:

"I don't know what i'm doing.



WHAT IF YOU COULD get your life back on track using a powerful shift in your life perspective to create a more confident, ambitious, exciting you?

EVEN IF THE IDEA OF "WORKING ON YOURSELF" seems way too boring and cliche?


intrigued? keep reading.


this is you, right?

You aim high and dream hard

  • You've always been an ambitious young professional who seems to be on top of their game. 
  • You generally know what you want in life, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve.
  • You're the person people don't worry about because they are sure of your success.  
  • You got an education, great friends, a family you love, and you have fun from time to time.
  • You can confidently say that you are fortunate and grateful for the opportunities life has given you.

People on the outside see you as well put together, and you like keeping it that way.  

Life isn't perfect, but for the most part you've got nothing to complain about, right? #lifeisgoooood...ish




It feels like you lost your way AND YOUR "life purpose" looks like an abstract painting.

You don't know how or when it happened, but you feel STUCK AND BEHIND.

turns out you don't have it all "figured out".

After college you thought you had a plan and goals, eventually got a decent job, but now you suddenly don't know what you're doing.


You thought you did all of the right things and feel like you should have that life by now, but you don't.

you feel highly discouraged and unmotivated.

You started feel burnt out and 100% over "being ambitious", mope in your life that feels purposeless life, and feel yourself getting really lazy

The worse part?

You feel this unspoken pressure and expectation to achieve a "successful life" SOON because it seems like your other ambitious peers are already there, and you still have NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW.


so you'VE PROBABLY BEEN feeling


"what the heck am i doing with my life?"

That soul crushing feeling when all the scary "what's my purpose" questions come flooding in as you lay on your bed -  feeling lost, stagnant, unmotivated, and (dare I say it) "purposeless".  


"i'm going crazy, i seriously can't keep up!"

Trying to have the fancy Instagram life, accomplish big goals, do new things to keep life interesting, and look good on top of that has seemed near impossible to do and beyond stressful.



"ME? there's nothing impressive about me"

The nervous heart racing feeling when someone compliments your accomplishments and ask "So what are you doing now?".  You feel an immense pressure to sound like you have it all together, still accomplishing big things - when you're secretly scrambling to figure out how to "make it to the top".


"How ARE they ___, and I'M NOT??"

How the heck did they "make it" already and you didn't?  You did all the right things, but you're not where you thought you'd be at right now.  It feels like your fellow ambitious peers knows the secret of how to "have it all", and you still can't crack the code. You sweat bullets trying to race against life's imaginary success clock.


You're not happy with your life right now.

can i tell you a secret? 

i FELT THE SAME WAY not too long ago.

I know all you want is for all areas of your life to be in order so you feel like you are accomplishing big things and making an impact while living an exciting life.  But that perfect combination has seem impossible to have.

You love to work hard and play hard, but you can't seem to get your life together fast enough or really at all which has been making you feel like Debby Downer's BFF.   

and Let me guess, you've been feeling a little bitter too?

So did I - it felt like the Grinch was constantly stealing my Christmas.  Seriously, the level of unhappiness I had with my life made me hit an emotional rock bottom I never thought I would hit - because I'm "supposed to be" an #invinciblemillennial *rolls eyes at myself*.  

I'm talking about having my whole world fall apart in a matter of months -  my relationships, work, school, finances, living situation, health, and worst my motivation and hope.   It felt like someone suddenly pushed me into a shark invested ocean with my feet shackled to an anchor (total Aladdin moment - except no magic lamp to luckily rub against me).  I questioned if I would ever have the life and success I wanted or remain feeling like a hopeless failure. Talk about depressing.

It's a horrible feeling.

the feeling of being trapped in a messy unmotivated directionless life. 

but then in 30 days


(Drum roll please)

I got my sh*t together. 

want to know how I did it?

How I got my drive, groove, and happiness back?

It's the most unconventional solution

thaT beats the unpractical generic self-help advice fed on repeat to society.

Seriously aren't you sick of hearing things like "set goals", "find your passion", "do what makes you happy", "work hard", "love yourself", "believe in yourself", "take action", etc.?? These generic statements become useless sets of advice because we aren't taught how to practically apply it or deal with the true underlying issues we have.

you know you need change and help doing it.

What I'm sharing Is not a one trick pony solution.

it's a SOLUTION to last a lifetime - A way of life.

My promise:

You will never be trapped in feeling stuck, overwhelmed, phony, or jealous again.

(insert cliche saying)

If i can do it, 

you can do it too.

The best part? I'm giving this to you...

100% free.